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What browser do you recommend for myPlaybook?

  • Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari are supported for the myPlaybook lessons. Completing the lessons on a PC or Mac computer will provide the best experience. iPads with a Wi-Fi connection are also supported.
  • SmartPhones are not recommended platforms for completing the lessons. Users may experience issues in completing the lessons using these platforms and may be required to retake the course on a PC or Mac.

What internet speed do I need for myPlaybook?

  • A high-speed Internet connection is recommended for the course (e.g. Cable or FIOS connection). If needed you can test your download and upload speeds at sites such as Download speed should be 15 Mbps or higher. Upload speed should be 5
    Mbps or higher.
  • Cellular connections are not recommended or supported and may result the user experiencing errors in completing the lesson

How can I test my PC/Mac to determine if it is compatible with the myPlaybook site?

  • In the lower left corner of the main site, there is a ‘System Test’ link. Click on the link and then click on the Test My Workstation button. The results should show all green checkmarks. If not, it is recommended that you address the item noted before continuing or find another workstation to use in completing the lessons.

I completed a lesson, but my next lesson is still locked. 

  • Confirm that the previous lesson is marked as complete and has been moved under the Completed tab. Try relaunching the lesson. When the lesson window opens, close the lesson and allow the data save process to complete. If the next lesson is still locked, contact technical support.

I completed a lesson, but it said fatal error and did not save my progress. 

  • You may be required to retake the lesson. Before retaking or starting a new lesson, be sure to you have checked the FAQs on supported browsers, Internet speed recommendations and performed a System Test on your workstation. If further assistance is needed, please contact technical support.

I cannot log in. 

  • Confirm that you have the correct username and password for the site. Passwords are case sensitive and need to be entered as shown. If needed, you can reset your password by clicking the “I forgot my password” link on the home page. You will need to enter the username associated with your account. A new password will be sent to the email address on file in the system. This is typically your school email address. Note: it may take up to 10 minutes before you receive the email. If you don’t receive the email, check you spam or junk email folder for the email. If further assistance is needed, please contact technical support. Passwords can be changed by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ link on the My Account screen.

When I am completing myPlaybook, the screen freezes. 

  • Write down the screen title or specific information about the screen that you are on. If possible, take a screenshot. Close the lesson, allow the data to save and try relaunching the lesson. The system will try to return you to the last screen viewed (or close to the last screen viewed). If so, continue on with completing the lessons. If not, check the FAQs to confirm your workstation is supported before continuing. You may be required to retake a portion of the lesson. If you need further support, please contact technical support.

I do not see any courses listed in my account. 

  • Confirm that you are logged into your account and are on the My Account screen. Check to see if the courses are listed under the Enrolled, Overdue or Completed tabs. If not, please contact technical support.

How do I request technical support? 

  • If you encounter an issue, which you are unable to resolve after reviewing the list of FAQ, please contact technical support by filling out this form. You can also access the form by clicking on Contact Technical Assistance on your myPlaybook menu bar.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply from technical support. Technical support is available M-F from 8am-5pm EST.