Hilinski’s Hope, the Institute to Promote Athlete Health at UNC Greensboro and Prevention Strategies have partnered to educate, advocate, and remove the stigma associated with mental illness in collegiate athletics through the empowerment of student-athletes. Together, the organizations are producing an athlete-centered, mental health skills development series that will give student-athletes confidence when a) communicating to teammates and coaches about mental health, b) actively listening to others who need support, c) seeking help from a licensed mental health professional, d) taking an active role in mental health destigmatization, and more. The series will include brief lessons accessible online by computer, tablet, or phone and will feature skill instruction, modeling, and dynamic opportunities to experiment with new skills.

“Student athletes need more resources that help them build mental health skills, common language, and active listening techniques to eliminate stigma and prepare them to help themselves and their teammates,” said Mark Hilinski, co-founder of Hilinski’s Hope.  “The Institute and Prevention Strategies helped us build the Hilinski’s Hope Game Plan – a package of mental health resources for student athletes and college campuses – and we are excited to deepen this partnership with the development of a new series of programs.”

“We are thrilled to take this next step in our partnership with Hilinski’s Hope” stated Dr. David Wyrick, founder of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness and President of Prevention Strategies. “There is a lot of energy and emphasis on the mental well-being of collegiate student-athletes right now, but more needs to be done. We believe these modules can provide schools and student-athletes with important tools and resources.”

To learn more and/or get involved with Hilinski’s Hope Foundation please visit https://www.hilinskishope.org/cfb-mental-health-week.