Emily R. Beamon, MA, MPH, PhD recently completed her dissertation: “The Role of Mental Health Symptoms & Psychosocial Factors in Predicting Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Collegiate Student Athletes” at UNC Greensboro.

Collegiate student-athletes experience a number of unique stressors that put them at risk for developing mental illness. The purpose of the study was to investigate student-athlete mental health, and psychological and psychosocial factors that predict help-seeking attitudes. Across two studies, results indicated that student-athletes were experiencing notable psychological symptoms and had a number of factors influencing their decisions to seek (or not seek) psychological care. Overall, this study suggests the need for a supportive environment within athletics that promotes the importance of psychological care and the wellbeing of the student-athlete.

Visit the Athlete Well-Being Network to listen to the podcast about Dr. Beamon’s work https://app.participate.com/communities/athlete-well-being-network/c3f92c99-e7a1-42b4-a9cd-337a847d6f9c/announcements/9b39fa0d-41f0-4c2d-9c7f-7b262e78efe7.