The Center for Athlete Well-being at UNC Greensboro is a multi-faceted program that addresses how to best promote well-being and prevent bodily harm among student-athletes of all ages. Coaches, athletes, educators, and younger students are all involved with the program to maximize success.

The program can be broken down into several main components, which include:

myPlaybook Collegiate and myPlaybook High School are two evidenced-based programs offered through IPAHW and aim to prevent alcohol and other drug related harm among student-athletes attending university, junior college, and/or high school. The courses include education about drug use norms and consequences, web-based learning exercises, and strategies for meeting NCAA minimum guidelines. They also feature immediate personalized feedback and a certificate of completion upon finishing the lesson plan.

Beyond the student-centered programs, there are also resources available to coaches and instructors. These were formed on the basis that a coach’s behavior can have a direct and lasting impact on his or her athletes. Coaches Assist was created to help educate those in charge on how to recognize when an athlete needs help, how to voice concerns, and how to access additional mental health resources to promote student-athlete wellbeing.

Finally, there are additional tools made available through the IPAHW program. The data collection services and general consultation services, for example, are both open to anyone who wants to promote health among those in the athletic department and track the effectiveness of the programs over time.

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