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myPlaybook is a collection of online lessons that use evidence-based strategies to promote the health and well-being of student-athletes.

Specific strategies include social norms, behavioral expectancies, behavioral intentions, as well as bystander, decision making, stress management, goal setting, and harm prevention skills. myPlaybook’s interactive programming includes:

  1. Interactive web-based instructional design
  2. Engaging content and immediate personalized feedback
  3. User friendly administrative tools and technical assistance to facilitate quality program delivery
  4. Integrated web-based data collection tools to assess program impact

For additional information about myPlaybook or to request an administrator demo account contact Samantha Kelly at or visit the Contact Us page.


Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

  1. Easy to use method of meeting NCAA minimum guidelines for drug education
  2. Effects of various substances on athletic performance, training, and recovery from injury
  3. Strategies designed to increase drug-related knowledge and protective behavioral intentions
  4. Strategies to correct perceptions that “everybody is doing it” regarding the prevalence and acceptability of alcohol and other drug use among student-athletes
  5. Standardized education on the NCAA banned substances and drug testing procedures
  6. Focus on normative perceptions, behavioral expectancies, and harm prevention
  7. Access to the REC (Resource Exchange Center) hosted by the National Center for Drug Free Sport, Inc

Sexual Assault

  1. Standard education related to key sexual assault concepts
  2. Evidence-based strategies to correct misperceptions regarding the prevalence and acceptability of sexual assault on campus among student-athletes
  3. Specific content related to the rights of student-athletes and the responsibilities of their university related to sexual assault
  4. Intellectual skill building activities aimed at increasing student-athlete efficacy to be safe active bystanders
  5. Focus on normative perceptions, behavioral expectancies, and harm prevention

Life Skills

  1. Primary focus on knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about stress and coping as well as intentions for healthy decision making
  2. Interactive programming that helps student-athletes identify controllable and uncontrollable stressors in their lives
  3. Evidence-based instructional design encouraging student-athletes to consider effective coping strategies
  4. Activities encouraging student-athletes to increase their intention to manage stress effectively


In addition to the Core Course, brief booster courses are also available to student-athletes who complete the Core Course each subsequent semester, allowing athletic departments to reinforce to the Core Course and provide specific content related to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, performance enhancing drugs, sports nutrition and dietary supplements, and prescription & over-the-counter drugs.

Funding for the development and evaluation of myPlaybook was provided by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). myPlaybook is underwritten by the NCAA and NAIA and available to member institutions.

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