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Many former student-athletes have difficulty maintaining an active lifestyle when they are no longer playing their sport competitively. Moving On! prepares student-athletes to make healthy transitions to life after college sports.

The goal of the program is to help student-athletes effectively move on from the structured environment of college sports, and keep moving— meaning that they transition to a physically active lifestyle even after they hang up their uniforms for the last time.

“We value the benefits that Moving On! offers to our student-athletes as we prepare them to be champions in life beyond college sports.”

Associate Athletics Director for Student Development at NCAA Division I institution 

Led by anyone on a college campus (facilitator guide provided), Moving On! utilizes small group discussion activities to provide student-athletes with information about physical activity benefits and guidelines for leading a healthy life in the future.


  • explore how no longer being a college athlete affects the way they see themselves, and they reflect on the role that physical activity will play in their future lives.
  • are equipped with specific strategies to plan for their own lifestyle transition by learning how to set effective goals, prepare for challenges, and develop practical solutions.
  • are exposed to lifetime physical activities such as yoga, kickboxing, and dancing.

The Moving On! student-athlete workbook and companion facilitator guide help program participants and leaders progress through the educational content and fun activities.

“I loved Moving On! It was very informative and interesting. I especially liked being active during the program sessions. I learned a lot about goal-setting and, in all, I think the program will help make my transition easier.”

– Student-athlete who completed Moving On!
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