Our mission

To improve the health and wellness of all athletes through the translation of prevention research to effective programs, policies, and practices
  • IPAHW is at the forefront of excellence in health promotion for athletes of all ages and levels of competition.
  • We work collaboratively with a variety of organizations to provide educational resources and support through evidence-based programming, training, and research/evaluation.



Work on Concussion Reporting Featured in UNCG Research Magazine
APC (Athletes, Parents and Coaches) was featured in the Spring 2020 edition of UNCG Research Magazine. The work, led by Dr Jeff Milroy, builds off of a study funded by the NCAA and U.S. Department of Defense, in which Dr. Milroy and Dr. David Wyrick explored the impact of athlete-coach relationships on concussion disclosure in college athletics.
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Publication looks at coaches role in promoting athlete mental well-being
A coach’s role should include fostering a team culture that supports athlete’s mental health, encouraging care-seeking and supporting athletes currently receiving mental healthcare. That conclusion is supporting in the paper “Determining the role of sport coaches in promoting athlete mental health: a narrative review and Delphi approach” wh
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